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We help companies manage their transformation by connecting them with the best freelance experts or highly-specialized SMEs.
We manage their extended workforce from start to finish, from people to projects and billing.
Our goal is to bring together large organizations, pure-player SMEs, start-ups, and freelancers and help them to become change-makers.

People management

We help companies to build their community of external talents and these talents to integrate into teams. Our goal is to break down barriers between internal talent and external talent.

Project management

We follow up on all projects carried out by external talents. We rely on our innovative digital solutions. We are committed to delivering.


Payment management

We develop innovative and secure supplier invoicing, umbrella employment and payroll management solutions for our key account customers and for our freelance partners. We ensure fair remuneration for external talents.



As a consultant, you may be called upon to work on international assignments. Wage portage allows you to secure your assignment, even abroad. We have more than 2 years of experience in providing support to consultants all over the world to facilitate their secondment or expatriation.

We are committed to a responsible approach towards our customers, consultants, and employees.
We value equal opportunities and respect in our contractual relationships.
Through our service offering, we promote ethical practices, the monitoring of obligations between service providers and contractors, and the protection of their specific interests.

We support talents and companies to develop their activities and accelerate their success. We create, facilitate, and secure their relationships. We are the reliable partner who provides support and impartial listening on a daily basis, allowing each of our customers and partners to be able to fully concentrate on their core businesses.


As a partner of companies and talents, we are an actor in the evolution of relations between customers and suppliers, in order to build a lasting and balanced relationship within a framework of mutual trust.

We prove our approach by our daily actions, by our respect for charters, by our evaluation by third parties, by our labels.

Our mission is to support them in creating and managing the relationship of their ecosystem of expertise. We intervene at all stages and at all levels of the relationship with these external talents.