Provide you with 50 names for your business / app / product etc.

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Hi there,

I will study your USP and only create names that will attract the eye of the buyer/viewer.

Your choices will vary in length and encompass: on-trend, stylish, classic and 'off-the-wall' names.


I so look forward to helping you.



* Please note that by buying this Offer, you are hiring a professional Writer and your Invoice must be settled when the job has been handled over. *


Questions for you:


I need to hear all about your business/ idea, please.

If you already have a trial website, I would like the link as well, please.

What type of business do you have/do you want to open, and who are the target clients?

If you have a product or app, please let me have as much information as you can send – I will sign an NDA if you prefer. Photos would be excellent too.

Would you like your business name to be short, medium or long?

Would you like a wide variety of name ideas or to stick to one general keyword within the name.

Are there any similar businesses/products/apps to yours and could you let me know about any similar websites too?

I am an expert in the psychology of selling - so I will always choose names that will have a better chance of attracting your customers/clients.


I so look forward to helping you grow your business.

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