kinds of phishing scams and Immunity solutions

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kinds of phishing scams and Immunity solutions

04 January 2022
kinds of phishing scams and Immunity solutions

     What is phishing?

     There are many types of scams, just like the common cold virus. One type of scam is cybercrime. Phishing is a dangerous form of cyber fraud in which hackers try to trick people into obtaining sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information and bank account details in order to raise money. In this way, the person phishing will trick you into giving them your account information!

To better understand this issue, I will explain the types of phishing to you.


    Types of phishing


  • Email phishing

    This type of phishing is done by dragging you to a fake page with a link to steal your bank account or account information.

If you click on the link and enter the information, you simply give your account username and password to the hackers.


  • SMS phishing

     SMS phishing is similar to email phishing. A fake link will be sent to you to get your bank card information; For example, you may receive a text message:

»You won the lottery. Register through the link below.«

By clicking on this link and making a purchase, you provide your bank card information to hackers.


  • Malware phishing

    Malware is any type of software that is intentionally designed to harm a computer, server, or computer network.

It is possible that cyber thieves want to steal your phone information through malware.

    For example, if you make your financial payments with unreliable software, you may be exposed to this type of phishing.


  • Phone phishing

    In this method of fraud They try to get you to do something by making false promises and get your bank account information;

     For example, he might say that I am a bank employee and read my second password and personal information.


    How to be safe from phishing?

    Now that we know the different methods of phishing, it's time to know how we can prevent phishing.


  • Pay attention to the links

     Do not enter your personal information! First, pay attention to the url of the page you enter. Examine it thoroughly for spelling and structure so that you do not mistakenly enter your information on a site similar to the main site.


  • Install valid software

    This is very important because most of the gaming or entertainment software we do not pay attention to and install it quickly, while these softwares may be able to monitor our phone data. So be very careful and download this kind of software from reputable stores.


  • Antivirus protects you

    Installing antivirus software will greatly protect you against phishing.Because antiviruses detect phishing software very quickly.



     in the end

     Most of us are familiar with online shopping and use it daily. So we can always be the next victim of our own phishing. We urge you to take phishing scams seriously so that you do not become a victim of phishing.


     If you have any experience or advice with this, please let us know so we can use it.

     Thank you!

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